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Gameset is a team of specialists, experienced in advertising and consulting, who deliver end-to-end gaming marketing solutions from strategy to implementation. We have the background to realize full-service agency and consulting support for the biggest and most demanding brands.

We are the first and only gaming marketing agency in Poland with international experience.
Who are we?
We are a gaming marketing agency, that creates entertainment for the young audience. Our inherent characteristic is in-depth knowledge of gaming and interaction mechanisms
What makes us unique?
As the first in Poland, we used our experience from working with the biggest brands in top media agencies and implemented it in the field of gaming and live content marketing.
What is our mission?
We wish to create entertainment fit for the new generations, that combines gaming, esports and other passions of modern consumers.
Gaming marketing = marketing strategy aiming to increase brand awareness, engagement and sales in the gaming target group.

How to consider gaming?

Gaming: medium
Gaming, like football or music, should be considered a medium, that allows reaching a specific target group, using specific tools like events, personalities, content, and products.

End-to-end process

1. Brand business goals
2. Positioning, target group
3. Brand's role in gaming
4. Areas, context, games
5. Specific targeting actions
Planning a gaming campaign should always start with determining business needs and goals, and then the gaming 'filter' should be applied. The result is an optimal solution for a brand's appearance in the gaming ecosystem.

Our services

We are the first agency in Poland that uses our experience working with the biggest brands at global marketing and media agencies and transferring it to the entertainment business with a focus on gaming and live streaming.

  • Implementation of 360 entertainment campaigns
  • Implementation of influencer campaigns
  • Producing broadcasts and live streams
  • Producing event and event booths
  • Acquisition of gaming partnerships
  • Brokering esports sponsorship deals
  • Creating products and services for youths
  • Business consulting about gaming and esport
  • Creating educational content
  • Speaking at conferences

Learn more about our projects

Contact us and get detailed information about our case studies. We are working both for endemic brands (game developers & publishers, hardware & software producers) and non-endemic brands (consumer brands) that want to communicate effectively with gaming communities.

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