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Dedicated TV formats


Gameset TV, our company’s video production area and own Twitch channel manage to provide entertaining gaming content and organic touchpoints for brands and their target gaming audiences.

Drawing experience on traditional TV formats and combining them with benefits of the streaming platforms we develop engaging and entertaining quality content for modern viewers.

Our Twitch channel is used to produce, test, and promote our new formats, which can then be expanded to other VOD and streaming platforms.

Why entertainment formats?

Live broadcasted entertainment formats have the massive advantage of the unrivalled level of interaction with the viewer.
  • Twitch (bought by Amazon in 2014) is the biggest streaming platform in the world, followed by YouTube LIVE. Recently Facebook also started developing its own product for gaming streamers.
  • Twitch has more than 140 million unique viewers monthly. In Poland their website is viewed monthly on over 3,5 million unique devices.
  • Streams are aired on influencers' channels, who broadcast live, essentially gameplay, content. They interact with their fans and form close communities around their channels.
  • Streaming platforms' basic ingredient is entertainment - influencers' own content or esports tournaments. More and more often also talk shows, cooking, and even artistic performances are live-streamed.
  • Streaming allows longtime live brand exposure, stronger engagement and unique interaction, unlike other social media.
  • Streaming answers the needs of the young audience - instantaneity, interactivity, on-demand.

Types of content

Original formats
Drawing on traditional TV formats, we design shows with a consistent concept, participants and air time. These combined with the internet's interactivity form a multidimensional show on streaming, social media and VOD platforms.
Esports broadcast
We acquire rights for international tournaments and manage their polish live broadcasts. These can be sponsored by one or many brands. In 2018 we've, for example, supervised a broadcast from a DreamHack series tournament.
Own tournaments
The tournaments we organize (for example Fortnite Fun League) are broadcasted on our or brands' channels in a professional studio setting.
Dedicated for brands
Our campaigns dedicated for partners are promoted on Gameset TV and involved influencers' channels. Right positioning on streaming platforms helps reach a larger audience.

Original formats:

Fantastic Five
Five influencers play online matches individually on their own channels for points! Best advance to the next stage.
5 streamers' channels + main broadcast on GTV
On air: 1 per week per game
Sisters Power
Up to four female influencers compete in online games with each other or with viewers, helping them to improve their skills.
Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty BO4
2-4 streamers’ channels
On air: 1 per week
Lone Wolf
One influencer is hiding on the map and two pro players protect him from the viewers. Can they find and defeat the hero?
Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty BO4
3 streamers channels
On air: 1 per week
What would eat...
Influencer cooks dishes inspired by new games. From shopping, through cosplay to stream from cooking food.
1 channel
On air: 1-2 per month

Sponsorship opportunities

Format branding
We can offer a selected format in full branded by sponsor, including modification of the rules and adjustment to the promoted offer.
Format sponsorship
The brand becomes the main sponsor of the format. Brand can also use any format to promote the offer.
Formant placement
The product or service appears contextually in the format: as a physical object on the stream or as an award in the competition for viewers.
Dedicated format
We are able to create a custom made format around gaming in response to any brief. The implementation can take place independently or with our participation.

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